Maria Vinka

Maria Vinka has a mission “do good and stay happy”. Born and raised in Sweden. The respect for her Sami background and the nature there, takes her back to her roots in her work.

She graduated in 1997 from The Academy of Design and Crafts, H.D.K in Gothenburg. The foundation of Maria’s design philosophy is to base an idea on the lifecycle of that product and to not use more material than necessary. She designs with meaning and answers to human needs. Her inspiration and energy comes from art and music, especially hip hop and hard rock which she says is a “sweet mix”. Old traditions done in a new way is one great motto and Empati Hallå (Empathy Hello) is a statement on one of her many t-shirt designs that beckons more kindness in everyday life.

Maria designs products, leads creative workshops and works with strategic questions.

Serier av Maria Vinka