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Their majesties the King and Queen of Sweden will open the 275th anniversary celebration on Sweden’s National Day, 6 June, at the Kosta Glassworks.

Join us at Kosta Boda for the national anthem, a glass show, anniversary exhibition, open house at the glassworks, musical entertainment, special offers in our shops, restaurants, the Kosta Boda Art Hotel and more.

The anniversary celebration begins at 9.30 in the yard outside Kosta Glassworks. We look forward to seeing you!

Time 9.30–16.00

Date 6 June

Place Kosta Glassworks, Småland.


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Programme for 6 June

9.30 Entertainment and speeches on the stage in the glassworks yard. Distribution of Swedish flags.

10.05 Their majesties arrive at the entrance to the Kosta Boda Art Hotel.

10.20 Their majesties walk from the Glass Bar to the Kosta Glassworks.

10.40 Bertil Vallien begins casting the Royal Boat. All visitors can watch the casting on the big screen in the glassworks yard.

10.53 Their majesties walk to the Kosta Boda Art Gallery for the exhibition, gifts and press. (Closed to the general public)

11.10 Their majesties say goodbye in front of the red Art Gallery building.

11.20 The municipal commissioner opens the singing of the national anthem, orchestrated by the Kosta Musikkår.

11.25 The Municipality of Lessebo awards its culture and leisure award, welcomes new citizens and announces its municipal ambassador.

11.50 The Kosta Boda Design Scholarship is awarded in collaboration with the School of Design and Crafts at the University of Gothenburg.

12.00–15.30 Open house at the Kosta Glassworks. Watch glass blowing, grinding and painting.

13.00–14.00 Mingle with designers at the Kosta Boda Art Gallery with its new Homage exhibition. New designers interpret older legends with new art glass.

14.00–14.20 The Småland Hussars will parade their colours according to the traditions of the Royal Småland Hussar Regiment.

All-day activities

12.30–16.00 Policemen Kling and Klang from Astrid Lindgren’s World cycle around the glassworks yard.

11.15–15.30 Guided tours every hour in the glass factory, book your tour at the Kosta Boda Art Gallery.

11.15–16.00 Try your hand at blowing glass at the Kosta Glass Centre behind the stage.

11.15–16.00 Pony rides, starting behind the food stand at the Kosta shop.

11.15–16.00 Face painting in the booth outside the food stand at the Kosta shop.

11.15–16.00 Bouncy castle at the far side of the glassworks yard.

11.15–16.00 Segway racing in the carpark behind the Kosta Boda Art Gallery.

Food & drink

– National Day pastry served today only at the Kosta Café, Kosta Bakery and the Outlet roundabout.

9.00–20.00 Kosta Brukskafé

9.30–18.00 Lilla Kök

10.00–20.00 Matmagasinet in the Kosta Outlet

12.00–15.00 Linnéa Art Restaurant serves lunch.

12.00–22.00 Glass Bar

12.00–22.00 Lodgens kök & bar

Special offers

– Unique offers on 6 June.



The Kosta glassworks – named for its founders, Generals Koskull and Staël von Holstein, Ko + Sta – opened its doors in 1742. The first kiln was fired up on 26 July, 275 years ago. Since then, we’ve continuously perfected our techniques and expertise in glass here in the forests of Småland.

Courage and determination have been hallmarks of the company and its staff since the start. Other qualities that have carried Kosta into the 21st century are cooperation, perseverance, craftsmanship, inventiveness and creative flair.

Kosta Boda’s products will continue to be crafted out of the glassworks of Småland, designed for any and all occasions, defined by Swedish mettle and always keeping a finger on the pulse of the times.



In honour of Kosta Boda’s 275th anniversary, we invite you to our world of colours and craftsmanship. The anniversary celebrates an era of Swedish industrial history and gives a glimpse of the future of glass.

2017 will be a year of festivities. We will be celebrating our heritage and our craft with new pieces of art glass, new designers and anniversary editions of design classics. We will arrange gala events and colourful exhibitions worldwide to celebrate our cultural heritage. Come and join the fun!



– Art glass weekend and open house, Kosta Boda Art Gallery, Kosta 22 April

– Anniversary exhibition, Kosta Boda Art Gallery, Kosta 22 April–30 September

– Art Glass Kosta 275th Anniversary, Önska Kungsmässan, Kungsbacka, 12–21 May


– Homage, NK, Stockholm, 24 May–26 June

Young designers interpret older legends. We’ve invited five of the country’s most exciting artists to team up with famous names from the glassworks’ rich history. Frida Fjellman has joined forces with Erik Höglund. Hannah Hansdotter with Monica Backström. Åsa Jungnelius chimes in with Ulrika Hydman-Vallien and Sven X:et Erixson. Mattias Stenberg embraces the elegant heritage of Vicke Lindstrand.

The result is a gracious homage to our most beloved Swedish glass art. Renewal has always been a part of our DNA at Kosta Boda, but without our historical roots, we would never have survived when the winds blew cold.


– Long Live Kosta! Kulturparken Småland, the Swedish Glass Museum, Växjö, 11 June - Ongoing. Opening on 10 June, 14.00.

Kosta Glassworks has an unbroken tradition of craftsmanship since 1742, and the kilns are still burning! This 275th-anniversary exhibition in time and space spotlights the glass, the glassworks and the people. Without visionary corporate leaders, creative artists and skilled glassworkers, the factory would not have survived. Thanks to them, Kosta glass has become a key part of Swedish cultural heritage. Follow the long path from sketch to finished glass; see the multitude of products, from utility glass to unique objêts d’art, and get an insider’s look at daily work in the different divisions.


– Celebrating Kosta, Boda Glass Factory, Boda, 17 June–10 September

An exhibition of historical and contemporary glass from the parent factory, Kosta Glassworks, from the museum’s collections. In collaboration with Kosta Boda, Linnaeus University, Kulturparken Småland and Designarkivet. Six contemporary design artists have selected their favourite works by historical designers from Kosta Boda out of the museum’s collections, to inspire new creations that Kosta Boda will produce in limited editions. Participating contemporary artists: Åsa Jungnelius, Frida Fjellman, Hanna Hansdotter, Lena Bergström, Mattias Stenberg and others. The Bengt Heintze Scholarship will be awarded. Opening at 14.00 on 17 June.

– Form Design Center, Malmö, 19 June–27 August

- Art Glass Kosta 275th Anniversary, Skistar Swedish Open, Båstad, 16–23 July

- Art Glass Kosta 275th Anniversary, Ericsson Open, Båstad, 23–30 July