Till toppen


– A series by Mattias Stenberg

The outer shapes of the vases can be simple and smooth, but inside there is an irregularity and playfulness that makes every single vase a unique individual. It was this notion of a vibrancy and a “structure” within the outer walls of the glass that triggered the idea of the Septum vases.

“Septum” actually means “dividing wall”, e.g. the dividing wall between the right and left atrium and ventricle in our heart. Could I somehow create a dividing wall in glass, inside the vases?

The Septum range consists of three different vases in different sizes. The vases work equally well on their own or in groups. The shades are natural and to some extent inspired by nordic glass art of the 60s and 70s. 

Mattias Stenberg

"As a designer, I work with slightly more reduced forms and expression that we’re used to seeing at Kosta Boda. For me, it’s important to go back to my own initial impressions of Kosta Boda as an innovative, experimental company where they accept and even encourage experimentation and product development in the hotshop at Kosta Glassworks in Sweden.”

- Mattias Stenberg

Mattias Stenberg is originally trained as an engineer, architect and researcher in Sweden and in the US and holds a Licentiate degree in Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Mattias holds several design, interior design and architecture awards.

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